Important questions before looking for your dress

What time before should I look for my dress?

The technology that we have today allows us to be more updated in terms of design and fashion, so a wedding dress should not be searched long before the event. We should ask ourselves what we would like to buy or rent. If you opt for purchase you can start looking 6 months before and if you choose to rent 3 months, since the collections of many designers are divided in Spring and Autumn and these have 6 months of space so the bride can choose one of the designs .

If your time to wait for the dress has the month of December and February, it is important that you add one more month to look for your dress if it were a purchase, meaning that instead of 6 would be 7 months, since in these months the orders can Delayed by festivities.

Should I make an appointment?

Yes, we thank you to call us to place your appointment and visit us, as we focus on providing a personalized service and for this we need to organize the visits of the day, assign a consultant, as a dressing room for the time of your test.

How long before I can put it?

If we have availability can be until the same day or the next day, but the advisor who attends by phone will comment on the next availability. Saturdays and hours after 5:00 pm are usually filled before 3 days, if you are interested in some of these hours or days it is good that they can communicate at least 3 days before the date.

How many people can go to the appointment?

This is a good question, when looking for a wedding dress is very important for many people both family and friends, but the most important person is the bride, so it is good that it is always clear that regardless of the opinions of those who accompany you, what should be the yours.

We request a maximum of 3 people and we recommend that they be with similar tastes to the bride, so that the decision that you take is in value to things that they can like you.

How long does the appointment take?

Regularly about 45 minutes, at this time depending on the pace of the bride can be tested from 5 to 7 dresses.

How should I go to the appointment?

We ask that you please go with as little makeup as possible, if they come from work one of the service assistants will give you the guidelines to remove them.

If you are of short stature it is advisable that you wear some example shoes to try you.

I like a dress, but I did not see it available when I visited

We currently have more than 9 brands available to the bride, we can study the style and search within the lines that we offer options as the one you want. Without a doubt the range of options is wide and we guarantee that we will find it for you. You may feel free to ask the questions to be sure of your choice.

I liked a dress, what's the next step?

After visiting us you can make the decision to separate it with an amount of RD $ 2,500 pesos if it is for rent and if it is a purchase with 35% of its total value.

Then 2 weeks before the event you will place the final test appointment, to see the variants in the weight or special modifications, in that test the bride must attend with the shoes that she will use on the day of her wedding.

For purchase, you will be informed of the date of arrival at the time of placing the order, and just as the bride will visit us to do your final test for the adjustments.

How often can I try on dresses?

We know that it is one of the most important decisions a woman can make, and that many are in the uncertainty of not being clear to choose, so we have the best willingness to help them in the process. The bride can visit us up to 3 times, if in this last appointment fails to make a decision to separate the same will have a cost, which will then be deducted from the separation if the same is performed.

Is it normal, to feel nervous?

Yes, it is normal, you can be safe with us, we have been serving the most beautiful brides for more than 5 years. If you want to see some of them we invite you to our instagram or